gemstar66 (gemstar66) wrote in northeastern_10,

find out classes before orientation?

im an incoming freshmnan, and my orientation is on september 1st (yeah, the last one, which kinda sucks). i thought that at orientation was the only place where i could find out what my classes were. but i was browsing the facebook and noticed that some people in that orientation already had their courses listed. how did they find out? is it only arts& sciences freshmen who can find out their classes now? because im going into bouve college so idk if i can get my courses before i go to orientation. is this possible to do on myneu? if so please tell me how because im feeling kinda lost right now

also is there anyplace on nu's website tht lists electives that freshmen can take? becasue i'd like to know what my options are before i get there next week. thanks in advance for answering my questions =)
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