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Question about storage containers

Under-the-bed rolling plastic storage containers okay?

Or, well, any plastic tupperware/rubbermaid brand non-milk crate containers, period.

I'm using them to transport my stuff, but am I going to have to send them back with my parents?
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they are fine.

only thing is make sure if you're sharing a bunkbed that your roommate hasn't brought some too - then they wouldn't all fit of course
As long as you're not drilling holes into the wall to hold up your own store-bought shelves, any storage containers, etc. are fine to bring with you.
yeah but not milk crates
Well, not real milk crates. Yaffa blocks are fine... plus, I've never known of anyone even owning a real milk crate, nonetheless bringing one to school.

The difference: bad versus good.
:-) I do own real milk crates - it's what I keep my clothes in at home. Luckily, I found cheap metal equivalent for school.
seeeeeeeeeeeeee? ;)
you are correct with the distinction.

but people DO have them (see below) :)
the small under the bed rolling things are fine. i used them last year in the dorm. i had bed risers and could fit them easily stacked. but they were too long to fit the width way. you have to put them so they align themselves with the bed.
no! no containers of any shape, make or form.

hahaha, that would be a funny thing to tell freshmen.
hahaha yeah it would!
i bought a few underbed containers to keep my shoes and stuff like towelsin, but now that i think about it, that might be pretty pointless because, since im in an econ double(in white hall), i'll most likely have a lofted bed. would i just have to lean the containers against the wall or something, because if they're under my bed, they'll basically be on my desk (am i making sense?). was it a mistake to buy underbed storage containers for a room that'll most-likely have lofted beds?